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Black oil sunflower and safflower are the main ingredients to this mixture that targets songbirds like cardinals, grosbeaks and finches.  By eliminating peanuts, it helps to prevent bluejays from doing beak sweeps through the seed.  There is a splash of millet and canary seed to help attract the smaller birds.

Sweet Tweet

PriceFrom C$6.50
  • We blend our own bird seed on the premises to ensure quality, freshness and affordability. Our mixtures are formulated with seeds to entice your favourite feathered friends. As a family run small business, we pride ourselves in satisfying our customers with quality bird seed without any fillers.  Bringing enjoyment and tranquility to your backyard is important to us. From cardinals, to bluejays and woodpeckers, we can help attract many wonderful colours to your backyard.

  • Currently offering store pick up.

    For shipping options please contact us for more information.

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